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M&M NETWORKS AS206499 is global network with over decades of hosting experience. Strategically located facilities with 99.995% Guaranteed Uptime and 24×7 Support. M&M NETWORKS AS206499 operates variety of Non-Profit Projects

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About M&M NETWORKS AS206499

M&M NETWORKS hosts servers in the Interwerk data center in Frankfurt as well as in Tier 3 Datacenter in Dusseldorf. Our network is internally designed for 10G and thus offers sufficient resources.

LocIX & NLocIX

Frankfurt am Main, Germany - Meppel, Netherlands


Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munich


Frankfurt, Germany


Dronten, Netherlands

We are a global network with and we care about our customers. etc etc

We house our own equipments at our datacenter, with redudant network connections & power

24x7 Support

Our dedicated team of technicians is available to assist you round-the-clock, you don’t need to worry about your server as far security and administration is concerned.

Robust Security

We abide by strict security protocol and ensure to employ potential safety measures for data protection that include security design & implementation, data security management and firewall management.

Choose Your Own OS

You have a liberty to choose from Windows and Linux. We offer CentOS, Fedora Core, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu and many other Linux distributions such as BSD systems FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD.

DDoS Protection

Unmetered DDoS mitigation to maintain performance and availability

Incredible Features

Upgraded Network Infrastructure and State-of-the-art Data Centers. Dedicated Firewall Management, IDS and IPS Detections, Advanced Firewall Policy Control. Deployed within stipulated time.

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Our Services


Safeguard mission-critical data with the highest levels of security and operational reliability. Currently In Frankfurt & Dusseldorf

Dedicated Servers

HP & Dell Servers in standard plans with the possibility of changing the plan to your requirements

Virtual Servers

Smaller and larger, such as under the pocket or on demand. Fully management. Possible own ISO. VServers for Network Developers with own ASN & IP resources LOCIX/KLEYREX Internet Exchange & BGP/Anycast + More

BGP & IP Transit

IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack connected by TELIA/GTT/DTAG/COREBACK & DE-CIX

Domain Registration

Choose from our wide array of top-level domains.We guarantee speedy and stress-free registrations. .com .net .org

RIPE Services

ASN Registration & Sponsoring IPv4/IPv6 PI for providers & PA for private persons

Our Skills

We are skilled in system administration, network administration,
security and providing best customer service.

  • 01- System Administration

  • 02- Network Administration

  • 03- Network Infrastruction Design

  • 04- Network Security

  • 04- Routing

Non-Profit Projects by AS206499

LocIX Internet Exchange (Germany)

Non-Profit Internet Exchange/1G-10Ge Peering Ports

Website - https://locix.online

PeeringDB - https://www.peeringdb.com/ix/2084

HE.NET - https://bgp.he.net/exchange/LocIX

NLocIX Internet Exchange (Netherlands)

Non-Profit Internet Exchange/1G-10Ge Peering Ports

Website - https://nlocix.net

PeeringDB - https://www.peeringdb.com/ix/2061

HE.NET - https://bgp.he.net/exchange/NLocIX

6project Tunnel Broker

Website - https://6project.org

BGPTunnel (Advanced Automatic BGP TunnelBroker)

Website - https://www.bgptunnel.net


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